Saturday, April 25, 2009

Footprints in the Snow:

Okay, I do realize that I am a tad late on this post (considering the blossoms are now out) but it was just too sweet to not share.
I just loved the memory of this sweet day of homeschool in the Patterson house. When the kids were outside playing in the snow & Daejah (on her own accord) comes running in the house yelling, 'I need the camera, I need the camera'. I asked her what it was for? And she responded, "We found some footprints outside and I want to take some pics so that we can look them up in the Handbook of Nature Study. This blessed my little 'mama's heart'...just seeing my children doing 'Nature Study' on their own; out of their personal interest and love for nature.
Oh, & I suppose that I should tell you that our suspision of the footprint was that is was one of our fat racoon friends. :)

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