Saturday, November 29, 2008


I just love this piece of prophetic art. It's called, 'Perspective'.

Isn't this SO what the Father does for us too?? He gives us new eyes to see life from Heaven's Perspective!

I love that!! Life just begins to look different!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tea Time

Here is what our tea time (well, hot cocoa of course for Denali boy) looked like today! Daejah, as usual runs outside to find a simple treasure to display in our little vase! (my favorite part) We sip and read and then they narrate back to's all of our favorite time of the day!! :) They are having so much fun...they don't even know that we're doing school! (I must admit: that's my favorite part...the education that happens when they don't even know they are learning)

unplanned nature study

We were simply enjoying our cozy lunch when Daejah noticed our large gathering of visitors. Everyone was quick to run to the window.

Here are the quail that frequent our drive. (although we haven't seen them in awhile it seems, we are thinking that Denali's bow and arrow may have had something to do with that) So, we were thrilled to see them coming back. (this time they will be assured of their safety)

Here is our cozy chicken-n-dumplin' soup with frozen grapes that we enjoyed for lunch; before all the excitement broke out! :) Here's the clan of four nature lovers!! I love the moments of unplanned 'wonder' that's being cultivated around here these days!

Honeycomb find

I thought it would be a wonderful idea to have this blog as a place where the kids can download & share some of the pictures that they take for their nature study. We have been having so much fun with the wonder of our nature notebooks this year and just simply learning to appreciate God's beauty that's all around us! Here is one of the most amazing honeycombs that we have ever seen. Daejah found this in our yard this week and the others with quick to follow her outside (camera in hand) to share in the delight of our newest treasure! We are going to do some research on this and will post our findings. Denali thinks it looks like a star wars spaceship..I must agree that it is amazing the way the layers were crafted with such perfection and detail.

Our At Home Harvest Party

Denali played as his three greatest fans sang!

Daddy read with his little lady bug and bumble bee. We carved our pumpkins with Papa & Mimi..that was so memorable then we dipped carmeled apples and sang with Mimi at the piano and Denali on the harmonica. It was a wonderful time of laughter and fun!

We were so grateful that we decided just to stay home that night and enjoy some quality family time! Priceless and most treasured...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Little Della Bean as sweet as can be.

My precious little Della-Bean! Is this the sweetest pic ever or what?? Oh my goodness she was so did three years pass already? (but she's still as sweet & cute as ever)

Just married...well, 9yrs. ago

Shawn and I were married July 29, 2000. Reminiscing is always fun...

Science Center

We finally made it to the Seattle Science Center. This pic. was taken in the Butterfly Pavillion. Boy, was that ever a treat. We had such a wonderful family day!!

Painting for our nature notebooks

Denali was working like a mad man to get his math done in order to come outside with the girls. We were celebrating the leaves falling. Here the girls are getting there smocks on and getting ready to paint the fall colors.

Here's a few paintings of the girls for their nature notebooks.

Here is one of my favorite blogspots.


Outside my window...the leaves are falling so peacefully.

I am thinking...about how to simplify even more.

I am thankful for...getting this sinus surgery behind me.

From the learning rooms...the kids are happy to have finished their school work early today.

From the kitchen...I am grateful to say that dear friends are bringing us meals this week! Thankyou!!

I am wearing...the comfiest clothes I could find!

I am first day of being a blogger.

I am try to catch a nap.

I am reading...How to stop whining, complaining and bad attitudes in my kids.

I am feel up to heading back home tonight.

I am hearing...QUIET (which is rare..I know I'm not at home!) ha!

Around the husband is doing the laundry, watering the plants and schooling the kids today...Thanks love!!

One of my favorite things...learning to 'be still' and find joy in every moment of life.

A few plans for the rest of the week: to get all recovered and back to breathing freely again.

Here is a picture thought I may share...
(Even through the dark clouds..God's glory shines through)

Date-night in Seattle

Shawn & I finally had a overnight date in Seattle. We got to go to a Mariners game with some dear friends. (Renate & I splurged & ate Thai...yummy) We had a wonderful time!!

Here's my first effort to add a pic. Let's see how I do here...
This is a painting that my dear friend Jenn did of Drew-bug and her collection of feathers.
Love it Jenn....thankyou!!

I'm officially a way!!
I can't believe it. I have spent this past weekend recovering from sinus surgery and have spent time that I normally may not have otherwise; looking through tons of blogspots. It has made me feel so encouraged and challenged that I decided to join the blogging community! :) I have had more fun than I could have imagined just looking through some of these amazing homeschooling mama's blogs and hearing their hearts. I go.